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SK Consultants is one of the specialists company dealing with Australian Immigration law, established in 2003 and based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Australian immigration Laws, legislation and visa process are very complex and keeps changing regularly and rapidly. It is difficult for someone even skilled to understand and interpret which visa is suitable to any individual or family to apply for Australia.

SK Consultants, is Registered MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority MARN 0321153) consultant and speak your language. Aslo registered member with Migration Institute of Australia (MIA 2295),  If you need help with your PR visa or other visas to Australia, you are at the right place. Contact us today and be assured of high quality services. We can guide you from start till you get visa on choosing the correct visa options suitable to your needs and background. Benefit of choosing us will save your time and money to get the right visa for Australia.

Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for skilled migration and tourism, with an efficient immigration system serving Australia’s huge demand for skilled migrants. Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries provides majority of the required skilled workers to Australia.

SK Consultants specialise in Skilled Migration and can advise and help in choosing best option available for you. We will handle all process like filling online forms, collecting documents as required, submit applications to Assessing bodies and other relevant authorities, take regular follow ups for submitted applications and monitor the progress till visa is granted. Provide post landing services as and when required for free of cost which will help you and your family to settle easily in Australia.

We have independent associate offices overseas mainly in India. SK Consultants in silicon city of Bangalore, in highly industrialised city of Ahmedabad and Rajkot in Gujarat State, India.

SK Consultants associates provide you very professional advice and you will receive guidance at every step of the visa application process. We will provide information about all the options available to you and suggest you for the best option suitable to your eligibility and needs.

We are devoted to serve applicants interested in filing and getting permanent resident visas under skilled migration program for Australia, Business migration for self-employed, business man and Investors.

Our proven track records of getting visa grants for skilled migrants efficiently and smoothly have created outstanding repo among prospective migrants and success ratio of our satisfied applicants and clients have resulted in getting 100% referral clients. All satisfied and happy with our services and settled well in Australia peacefully and enjoying financial benefits of living and working in Australia along with best lifestyle provided to them by Australian environment compared to other countries in world.

It’s time to take a Leap step now for a better and brighter tomorrow in Australia, you can speak or email us with your complete details. Need help with migration services? We will be happy to help. Contac Us today.


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Our proven track record and success ratio of our satisfied applicants has resulted in more referral clients then through any other channel.

It’s time to take a Leap step now….for a better & brighter tomorrow, you are advised to speak to or email us with your complete details.