Sudhir M

Mohit is meticulous and dedicated. Due to his extensive experience in the visa process, he was able to guide me successfully through every single step and hurdle.He is extremely approachable and ever ready to help.His wise advice ensured that my visa

Mohit, thanks for all the help and guidance!

Narayana B M

They were just asking me to do all unnecessary documentation and wasted my points from my age factor. Due to that I lost my hopes in getting PR. Later, one of my friend referred Mohith. In some stage, while getting some of the documents from previous employer, I never thought i would procure from them. However, Mohith pushed me and helped me to get those documents. Also, while writing PTE, he gave a good moral support and motivated me to get required points. Overall i would say, he does his work neat and he is a perfect professional.

Kiran A

We later contacted SK Migration and the association has been smooth since then. We started our process in January 2017 and there was not even a single glitch or confusion throughout the process. 

Mohit was our consultant. He is very professional, dedicated, friendly and very clear with the immigration process.

We got our PR in September 2017 and we highly recommend Mohit/SK Migration for Australian Immigration.